Brahma Kumaris of Jashpur City Felicitate Corona Warriors

Jashpur (Chhattisgarh): Brahma Kumaris of all Centres of Jashpur city felicitated personnel’s of State Administration, Police Department and Municipal Health Workers at Collectorate’s Mantrana Auditorium.
“During the most critical situation of Corona Virus these people displayed their courage for safety and welfare of the Nation staking their own lives. It is so praiseworthy. Their dedicated service taught the people that by facing any grave situations with courage, they can come up successfully”. These were the expressions of Brahma Kumaris behind felicitating them.
On this occasion Brahma Kumaris, BK Sarita, BK Neelu and BK Bharati honoured the Collector Mr. Mahadev Kavre with Shawl, Tilak, Literature and a Floral Bouquet in his chamber. Then at Mantrana Auditorium they honoured all other Personals in the same manner.
Welcoming the audience BK Neelu, Pathalgaon Centre in Charge, praised all for their hard work and motivated them by lending Divine message of God Father Shiva.
BK Bharati, Centre in Charge of Kunkuri, spoke about the importance of Rajayoga Meditation to make our daily life free from tension due to any problem.
BK Sarita, Jashpur District Coordinator said, “In the present situation you are all working like Brave Heros against  Corona virus, not only for this Government, but for also the Supreme God’s Divine Government who has entrusted you on His behalf to Serve Mankind, to do Universal Service which is nothing but Serving God Himself”.
On this occasion Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. P. Suthar, stated that the Rajayoga Meditation enhances the potential energies of Soul which can play a major role in making entire world healthy. This, he said, is possible only through Spiritual Powers.
Speaking on the success of this program on behalf of Policemen, the Sub Inspector Mr. Saurabh Chandrakar said, “Our Zeal and Enthusiasm to serve the Nation have  got more enhanced by knowledge of Rajayoga Meditation which we must try to keep it up”.
Lastly Sweets offered to God and Spiritual Books were distributed to all the participan